Digital Banking Experiences and Customers - Waiting for a miracle

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Customers stopped hating banking. They don’t love it, don’t expect any major improvements, big changes. But they don’t hate banking anymore. Occupy Wall Street has disappeared. The next Wells Fargo disaster barely registers anymore. And nobody really demands new products and services, digital onboarding, real Open Banking applications – all the stuff that each FinTech conference talks about. And talks about next year. And never really delivers.

 Like a long marriage, both parties have settled into their expectations, experience and disappointments. It is what it is, and it won’t really change. Only two options remain: Divorce or death.

This apathy is staggering because customers are very fickle. And they experience infinitely more valuable, useful and faster experiences 99.9% of their digital time compared to the sad reality of banking apps. Banks deliver what they can, and customers shake their collective heads and meh on.

It’s the Post Office.

It’s the DMV.

It’s my bank.

Customers are no longer upset because their expectations have dropped to zero.

The big technology companies (with all their ethical and moral flaws) are constantly working on their relationship with customers. They want to delight and surprise them. Yes, it gets creepy once in a while, but customers keep on having strong relationships with technology companies because of their constant work on improving the experience. Like a husband surprising his wife with flowers, a quick hug or a movie night. Digital banking experiences on the other hand are like the husband with the dirty bathrobe, barely mumbling a “Good Morning” while complaining about cold coffee.

Because customers have given up, they don’t even report their atrocious experiences anymore: 57 clicks to find their routing number. The lost time finding a phone number. Crazy ways they have to get value out of a banking app, designed by somebody that translated ‘customer-centric’ into ‘customer torture’. Customers have been battered by these experiences into silence and apathy.

The majority of digital relationships are well-defined: we are married to some apps, in love with others, and divorced from some. With digital banking experiences, customers are in a dark room waiting for a miracle. It’ll better come, or it will end in divorce or death.

Don't hire a consultant for the wrong reasons


 Consultants and/or experts have to deal with negative reputation in society today. Most of it is based on expectations companies have regarding consultants. Clients either believe the consultant will solve the problem without them being involved, they don’t want to deal with bad news or they expect the consultant to fix the problem.

On one hand, this is a definitional issue. According to ‘Management Consultancy through an Academic and Practitioner Perspective’ by Phillips, Newman and Subramanian, a “consultant has no direct control over a client’s situation. You are consulting any time you are trying to change or improve a situation but have no direct control over the implementation. If you have direct control you are managing, not consulting.” There are times when it can be tough for both sides to live the indirect nature of this relationship.

When do you want to have this kind of relationship?

There are many good reasons to hire a consultant but there are even more bad reasons:

-       Decisions have been made, a consultant is just there to verify them: Or as they call it pay for play aka waste of money. If you need a consultant to verify your opinion, you might want to check your opinion again and why you need this crutch.

-       The consultant was hired to fix the problem: Consultants can be helpful in reaching goal alignment, developing strategies, roadmaps and tactics. But the implementation has to come from within to be successful.

-       Let somebody else do the work: Any effective consulting relationship involves the client at all levels. They participate in the journey, decision-making and guide implementation. They need to own the results.

And the reasons to start a relationship with a consultant:

-       No expertise: The company has limited or no expertise in this area of need. It requires a jumpstart, a strategy and plan to add this expertise to the company structure.

-       Recruiting takes too long: A short-term fix is required, helping to build a foundation to bring this field of expertise in-house

-       Many failures: The company tried and failed to develop strategies and execute. Expert advice is needed.

-       An outside expert is needed to facilitate agreement and deliver an objective assessment: Companies can be too close to a specific topic and might have widely differing internal views. A consultant can help bridge that gap.

In the end, Arnold Glasgow’s quote is the best reason to hire outside help: “A consultant is someone who saves his client almost enough to pay his fee.”

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What is Digital Transformation?


Digital transformation is the integration of digital technologies into all facets of your business. It requires a fundamental change how your business operates, how you deliver value to customers and explore new value options. Digital transformation helps closing the gap between the expectations of your digital customers and your current delivery. This requires a change in leadership, digital thinking, digitization of assets, focus on innovation and new business models, and increased integration of technology to improve the experience of all stakeholders around the supply chain and service model.

Why does digital transformation matter to you?

Frankly, it’s a survival issue. Your customers have transformed into digital first and your business needs to evolve with them. Or they will turn somewhere else. Now is the time to get started. Contact us and we’ll help you with your digital transformation.

We just released these new packages

Digital Audit

A systematic process that provides a clear understanding of how your business compares to digital best practice and your direct competition. The basic package focuses on your Marketing Strategy and Budget. The advanced package covers 5 additional core areas of the business, including 40+ evaluation criteria, which together provides insights into how digitally optimized the business is. The final report includes top recommendations on what, where, and how to digitally transform and optimize.


  • Key Trends and Insights impacting the business
  • Summary of research & key findings
  • SWOT Analysis and recommendation for impactful short-term and mid-term digital initatives
  • 5 Big Opportunities to optimize and transform your digital presence and marketing

Advanced Package:

  • What does it mean to be a Digital Business and where are your gaps?
  • 5 opportunities for core area of business (including 40+ evaluation criteria)
  • High-level roadmap how to advance with your Digital Transformation

Digital Innovation Workshop (1 full day, including Advanced Digital Audit)

Effective collaboration is a powerful mechanism to get things done. Hook Consulting is an expert at running effective workshops with the goal of making firm decisions. Supported by systematic preparation, follow-on actions, and run via a tight project delivery approach. We do the heavy lifting, which allows our clients to focus on digital innovation, and move the business forward

Digital Innovation Workshop: $10,000


  • Advanced Digital Audit
  • Full-day workshop customized to each client, applying the principles of Human-Centered Design, Jobs To Be Done and the Digital Innovation Framework
  • 3 disruptive solutions and high-level roadmap how to bring them to life
  • 2 follow-up Skye sessions with the team to optimize progress

Digital Transformation Journey (2 full days, including Advanced Digital Audit)

The key output of this workshop will be a roadmap which will clearly identify various steams / themes distributed over four key action areas of people, process, products and partner and will have identified owners with actions, timelines and priorities for each of the task. This will be a great kickstarter to launch or enhance your Digital transformation journey. This offering includes 2 guest speakers about 2 topics you identified in advance as biggest challenges in your transformation journey.


  • Advanced Digital Audit
  • 2 guest speakers focusing on specific needs of client
  • Defining the current business priorities via a vision workshop
  • Creating a Digital Strategy
  • 5 step approach from Strategy to Execution
  • Concept of Design Thinking / Problem Thinking
  • Creating a Digital leadership culture within an organization
  • How are we effectively utilizing critical resources such as people, process and products to achieve this objectives?
  • How to create a Digital transformation roadmap for your organization
  • Digital transformation in relation to customer experience / Operations / Current Business Models
  • What could be the challenges and possible solutions in this journey?
  • Continual Analysis / Evaluation/ Reporting / Improvement
  • 3 follow-up Skype sessions with stakeholders

Digital Transformation Journey: $15,000